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The Joys of Memory Dividends

Said Hasyim - The Joys of Memory Dividends

Because we have memories, the experience we gained yields dividends. Every time we recall our experience, for example, our solo travel, memory of that person, grandma's cake smell, we get an additional experience of reliving the same experience mentally and emotionally.

We may snicker in mirth, sink into sorrow, or swell with fondness as we reminisce over these memories. Even though they may bring just a fraction of enjoyments, it all adds up.

Some recollections become more luminous with time. Rekindling cherished memories can sometimes deliver an experience more pleasant than the original.

Therefore, your expenditure in an experience is a priceless asset, one that will continue to pay dividends for the rest of your life. It cannot be measured in numbers, only felt in the depths of your being.